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Specializing in branding, content marketing and social media management.

A strong social media presence continues to be the driving force for business success. Our goal at Stirrup is to help your small business increase its social media presence by creating content that best represents your brand, while managing it in a way that is audience centric. 
You’re busy enough – let Stirrup give you a leg up on the 60% of consumers using social media to discover new products and services!




Hi! My name is Ashley, Founder and Creative Director of Stirrup Media. My specialty is helping business owners, like yourself, navigate the social media and digital marketing world to draw in new clients and help you stay connected. 

I've loved working with my clients and watching their business grow and I'd love to do the same for you! 

Client Testimonials

"Thank you to Ashley for her social media services for the 2021 Wesleyan Artist Market. Ashley helped us bridge the pivot from a live to a virtual show. She helped increase our social media engagement by over 35% year-to-year. Her communication style is clear and precise and elevated our overall look and messaging. Ashley created and executed some exciting ad campaigns that increased social media engagement and generated exciting momentum for our event. She also provided insightful counsel and direction as we strategized to optimize our digital imprint. We met and exceeded all targets for our 2021 show, and Ashley was a big part of that success.  She is such a delight to work with, and we look forward to her leadership and collaboration again in 2022." 


"We value Ashley's work so much. Bringing her on board was one of the best decisions we have made in our 16 years of business. We were lost in the world of social media and in just one year she really revitalized us. She adds such a personal touch and is always there to answer our phone calls and emails, no matter the day or time. And during COVID, Ashley not only kept us in the minds of all our patrons but also helped to bring in a lot of new business."

"It is always a challenge to put yourself out there on social media. Sometimes it's hard just to have someone capture me doing my work! Ashley helped so much by creating beautiful, compelling images and creating content that keeps my clients engaged. I have received so many compliments and new business based on my, now upgraded, social media and website!"

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Throughout her life, Ashley has had a passion for riding horses. She grew up with horses and still rides to this day. This passion helped inspire the name of this business. When riding, stirrups function to keep you in the saddle and give you strength and momentum. At Stirrup, our mission is to provide our clients with that same strength and momentum to help their brand grow.

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At Stirrup Media Management, each client is unique. Which is why we create strategies tailored to the needs of each company. Reach out and we’ll help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be.

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First develop a plan for a dynamic and ongoing social content calendar on all media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and email marketing). We will increase your social audience and follower base through: hashtag campaigns, strong use of keywords, sharing/retweeting relevant news, “liking” posts, and contributing your own unique content. In an effort to engage your social media audience, company news and events will also be shared on all platforms. And lastly, we will remain up-to-date on industry trends, and share them in order to gain exposure within your target market.



We will utilize social channels to connect with your follower base and engage them with promotions and social campaigns to get them excited about your company's brand. 

These campaigns can run up to six months or last only a week. During each campaign, we will analyze the results and provide a report of its success. Comparing different campaign results will allow us to optimize and replicate the most effective promotions, offers, and contests. 



With clear communication and monthly brainstorm meetings, we’ll be able to develop the marketing initiatives and strategies that best represent your brand.

Campaigns via social media are more important than simply sharing information about giveaways, sales, contests, and/or promotions. We will agree on a schedule for a series of posts to keep up the exciting momentum for all customers. 



It is important to regularly maintain marketing activity for maximum growth. We will continually monitor each social media account and will respond to any questions, comments, and posts on a daily basis. We also will provide you with monthly reports such as follower growth, reach, demographics, comments, likes, shares and retweets.

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Develop a cohesive and exciting brand strategy to set you apart and engage your followers.

Fact: There are currently 3.7 billion active social media users. 

Content Marketing

Create authentic and dynamic content that showcases you and your business. 

Fact: Businesses that focus on personalized marketing outsell their competitors by 20%.

Social Media Management

Engage with followers daily to drive excitement around your brand and curate ongoing content calendars to keep them interested.  

Fact: There are 2.7 billion active Facebook users and 1 billion active Instagram users monthly.

Email Marketing

Customize email marketing strategies that connects you directly and creates a call to action. 

Fact: For every $1 spent on email marketing the average ROI is $32.

Website Design and Search Engine Optimization 

Develop an eye-catching website that ranks highly on search engines so potential clients find you first. 

Fact: The top 5 results on a search engines receive the most clicks. 

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What Stirrup Media Can Do For You


First, we need to find out more about you! After a brief consultation we will create a custom package that is tailored to your specific needs. Contact us via email, call or text. 


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